Top Areas of the Weitz

Top Areas of the Weitz

On campus, I spend a lot of time in the Weitz Center for Creativity. I have two work study positions within the Department of Theater and Dance, and in the past I’ve had classes in the building, too. Although it’s relatively far from campus (according to Google Maps, a 5 minute walk from our Admissions building), it’s also one of three buildings with a campus cafe in it. Once I’m there, I tend to settle down for a little while. However, the cafe isn’t the only noteworthy feature of this building!

Home sweet home The CommonsI’ve already mentioned this area as one of my favorite study spots, and that’s true! I often finish my student employment work and start on my homework sitting at a table either in the Commons or overlooking the Commons. Because so many people visit the Weitz, it’s a great way to spot some friends! The cafe is also in the Commons, which only makes it a more desirable area to hang.

The cafe is off to the right and you can just barely see the entrance to Kracum in the background, under the loft. (Photo taken prior to March 2020)Kracum Performance HallAs the name implies, this space is primarily used for musical performances. I’ve seen the Singing Knights perform here as well as guest performers like Sona Jobarteh. The hall has a beautiful lighting array and an excellent sound system, so it’s a great place for the audience, technicians, and performers! 

Each of those panels can change colors and there’s even more lights that can come down past the big sound panels on the ceiling.(WCC) 172This room is so popular among the theater community that it is known solely by its number. It’s been used as a performance space, a rehearsal room, and a classroom within the same week — definitely a multipurpose area! It’s just past the main theater, to the left of the Theater bulletin board.

172 is a popular venue for theater comps productions like this one! (Photo taken prior to March 2020)Recording StudiosCarleton students also have access to a small recording studio planned by a world-renowned designer. Even by professional studio standards, it’s super quiet! With some help from a friend, I recorded a podcast in this room for one of my classes. The equipment available to students is fantastic and I love what we were able to produce!

Ceile Kronick (my sound engineer friend) said something very technical about this space that I didn’t totally understand. He definitely likes it, though!Dance StudiosWe have two main dance studios in the Weitz, rooms 165 and 168. For my work study position during the term, I’m responsible for making schedules showing when these spaces are booked. As a result, I can say with confidence that a variety of classes and student dance groups (seriously, lots of them!) take advantage of this as practice space. Sometimes they will also perform in these spaces!

You can see one of my schedules hanging on the wall to the left of the students! (Photo taken prior to March 2020)Of course, there are a lot of other hidden gems in the Weitz that I didn’t touch on here. Ethan provides an overview of some of the more music-oriented resources in the building, and I talked about student organizations showing movies on campus in my earlier post. All in all, it’s a great building and definitely a can’t-miss feature of campus!

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